buy chameleon cageWe all would like to have a pet in our home. Choosing the adorable pet based on our needs is not easy. Some of us may love to have dogs, cats, and so on. The rest of us would like to have chameleon as their lovable pet. Anyhow, but, providing safe care to our pet is an important thing. If we offer proper care to them, then they will remain healthy forever. Proper care means not only providing nutritious foods to them but also providing suitable habitat, clean cage, and so on.
One must need to know a lot about the chameleon before going to set up a cage and habitat to them. Having a sound knowledge of chameleon will help you to offer proper care to them which in turn you can protect them from chameleon diseases and at the same time, you can also know chameleon health care. This article is fully about the chameleon cage and habitat. Ready? Let’s go and read.

How to build a chameleon cage?

Building your chameleon cage for your chameleon lizard is somewhat easy. Building your chameleon cage is an alternative to buying a cage from the shop. To build a cage, you need to follow some simple steps. They are as follows,
Once you’ve decided to build a cage for your chameleon, then it is important to buy the necessary things to build your cage.
The things that you need to build a cage for chameleon is as follows,
There are three different types of the cage we can make for the chameleon which includes glass terrarium cage, bird cage, and wired cage.
But, the glass terrarium cage is the best one among all. So, buy the glass terrarium and screened top to build a cage.
The next thing you need to buy is the Ficus tree, or you can also use some other tree based on your budget. But, make sure that the tree is free from toxic.
After that, you need to buy the dripper, food bowl, and UVB bulbs to offer a complete habitat and clean cage to the chameleon.
Chameleon cage kit:
Some people have free time to build an own cage for their lovable pet. The rest of others haven’t enough time to build a proper cage. For those people, lots of manufacturers are offering the chameleon cage kit. Without any difficulties, they can easily buy and provide the chameleon a clean habitat at great low prices. But, before going to purchase the chameleon cage kit, they need to consider some factors include cage material, lighting, water, heat, humidity, and much more.

Chameleon habitat facts

Chameleon is a kind of lizard, and it is most commonly live in trees found in the forest. Lizards of this nature are most commonly found in some countries include the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and so on. It loves to live their lives in the forest, and the chameleons also love to climb trees.
Not only chameleon lives their lives in the dense forests but also they love to live in the deserts too. It needs perfect humidity, temperature, habitat, and food to remain healthy forever.
Chameleon habitat setup:
We have already known that the chameleon is a sensitive creature and we need to give proper care to them, so they will feel happy to live in our home. It is our duty to give them a proper cage, habitat, and nutritious foods so only they will remain healthy forever.
Cage: Like a chameleon owner, we can easily build a terrarium cage or we can also build a screened cage or a tall bird cage. When considering these three options, the cage that is made from the glass terrarium will provide good humidity and proper temperature. Consequently, people who are living in the cold and dry climates are considering the tall glass terrarium cage.
chameleon cage and habitatHabitat: To create a natural and safe habitat, we can easily use a tree. Use Ficus tree in your lovable pet’s home because this tree is a favorite of the chameleon which in turn it can easily move from one branch to another and live a happy life like the chameleon live their lives in the forest.
Lighting: While building your cage for chameleon, it is important to provide proper UVB lighting. Good UVB lighting in the chameleon cage will provide them an appropriate temperature. In addition to this, it is also quite necessary to provide the food bowl in the chameleon cage.
Water: Use a dripper to drip water on the leaves of the tree so your lovable chameleon can drink water whenever it needs water.
These things are most important to setup a proper cage for your lovable chameleon.
We all know that the Chameleon is a unique pet and it has an amazing physical body. Apart from that, it has a special color changing feature which helps the chameleon in a various number of ways. Due to its color changing factor, it can easily prevent their lives from predators, and it can easily maintain the temperature. Moreover, the color changing feature also helps the chameleon to show its emotions like anger, fear, and a lot.
Hope you’ve gained a good knowledge of how to build a chameleon cage of your own. Provide proper care to the chameleon to extend their lives and to remain healthy forever and ever.