Graceful Chameleon Care

graceful chameleon care

Graceful Chameleon Simple Guide The Graceful chameleon is one of the most shared and popular chameleon species in the world. They are native to sub-Saharan Africa occupying forest regions. Sometimes they live in Savannas and farming areas across the south of the Sahara desert. These pets are the common species it is the most exploited …

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Jackson’s Chameleon Care

jackson chameleon care

What you need to know about Jackson Chameleon Many different species of reptiles crawl on the surface of the earth. These reptiles are beautiful creatures with a highly-textured skin. However, most of these are gunned down by giants of the fashion market to convert them into accessories such as bags, shoes, etc. These animal skin …

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Panther Chameleon Care

Are panther chameleons good pets? Panther Chameleons are from the so-called island of Madagascar and are found all over the whole island and also the various littler islands encompassing the central island. These chameleons regularly accompany unusual looking names, for example, Nosy Be, Ambanja, or Ambilobe. These allude to the particular island or locale that a …

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