Jackson’s Chameleon Care

What you need to know about Jackson Chameleon

Many different species of reptiles crawl on the surface of the earth. These reptiles are beautiful creatures with a highly-textured skin. However, most of these are gunned down by giants of the fashion market to convert them into accessories such as bags, shoes, etc. These animal skin accessories are sold at high costs all over the world. One of the species falling in the reptile category which is very popular even as a pet is a Jackson Chameleon. As we move on, we will talk about this lizard and other aspects attached to it.

Are Jackson chameleons good pets?

Jackson Chameleon or more commonly known as the ‘Horned Chameleon’ is a species of chameleon which is native to East Africa but it is also popular in Hawaii and Florida. There are mainly three types of a Jackson Chameleon.
The Jackson which is from the Nairobi are of Kenya, similar to Graceful chameleon pet.
The Meru Monta which hails from the Mount Meru region of Tanzania.
The Xantholophus which is from the Mount Kenya region in Kenya.
Jackson Chameleons are gentle creatures which are best for all chameleon keeper and admirers. It is very easy to propagate when it is healthy, and you can keep one around the house without any danger.


Captive-bred chameleons can be bought from reputable breeders over the internet. The most common type which is found in the US is the xanthomous or the yellow-crested chameleon. You can also buy these beautiful creatures from reptile expos and pet stores. Their prices depend on their sex, age and lineage.

Size of Jackson Chameleon reptile

The average size of Jackson Chameleon’s hatchlings is between 3 to 5 inches. The full grown adult female chameleons are about 7 to 8 inches while the males can grow up to 9 to 10 inches. In rare cases, the males might reach a foot depending on the care provided to them.

Life span

A healthy male Jackson Chameleon can survive up to 10 years while a female just lives for approximately five years depending on the brooding per year.
Jack Chameleon’s Care:
Jackson Chameleon care is one of the most complex aspects about this creature. It requires certain things which have to be looked out for.

Their natural habitat

Jackson Chameleon must be caged in a screen cage which is about 2 foot tall and 3 foot long to keep them safe and keep an eye out for their food and water. It will also reduce the stress of captivity and increase life span.
Lighting and Temperature:
The daytime temperature should be kept to 80 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the nighttime temperature can be kept to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A UVB full spectrum light should be placed on the top. Exposure to natural sunlight is also important but for a limited period.

What does a Jackson chameleon eat?

The best items to give to a Jackson Chameleon are live gut-loaded crickets, wax worms, cockroaches, butter worms, house flies, and snails. The key to ensuring a longer life span is providing a high-nutrition insect diet.
Reptiles like a Jackson Chameleon are to be kept with much care to keep them out of the ‘Nearly extinct’ list. Such creatures are the beauties of nature and creations like these should be protected.

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